Chennai which was earlier known as madras is one of the beautiful cities in India with a lot of things to highlight the speciality of cities about. Chennai is a capital city of Tamil Nadu and one of the successful metropolitans in India. It is geographically located off bay of Bengal on Coromandel coast with the largest cultural, educational and economic class in south India. The area is well recognised as a residential class with a perfect ambience and atmosphere for families.

The city is known for its rich diversity and varied stories of its culture, attire, food, culinary, historic monuments and above all the religious places, etc.

Speaking of the industrial diversity, the city is well-known for its IT sector from a long time. However, the dependency of nation lies on its auto mobile services as it constitutes about one third of auto mobile industries in the city and thus, Chennai is called as :The Detroit of India" Chennai is also considering among the 100 cities to developed as a smart city under smart cities mission.

The city consists of majority in expatriate population which means residence who are from a different home country for which it is ranked third for population of such. Chennai is the 6th most populous city in India. Apart from this, Chennai is one of the iconic spots that are globally recognised for its development with a combination of both modern and traditional values. That being said, the city was also as a beta-level city among the top cities of such, globally.

Coming back to its tourism infrastructure, the city consists of various things to explore from old historic temples to its food delicacies and shopping areas to the old artisan's architecture in monuments. Foreign tourists consider Chennai as a "must visit," compared to any other city. In fact in 2015, Lonely Planet is one of the prominent magazines for tourism guide worldwide that has named Chennai as one of the top 10 cities to visit in the world.

All these facts and data gives us a positive outlook about the city and of course it should! Because the city is indeed a special one to look forward to. In short, post independence, Chennai is considered among the top 4 metropolitan cities in India with successful development on the pathway of success.

Concerning these points, there have been a lot of talks in the market about real estate in Chennai and such aspects. Well, Chennai being among the largest economies of India is surely a best choice for real estate investment. The city has transformed itself from the colonial ambience to a fluttering metropolitan city. With its rapid growth in technology and infrastructure it has also led to growth in Real estate sector especially in properties in Chennai.

Now, it is widespread for you to wonder if the properties in Chennai would be comparatively costly and high priced upon, isn't it? Fortunately, this city offers great affordable homes in Chennai located in prime areas of Chennai. With the respect to the investment, even experts say that investing in Chennai's realty sector is a bankable and wise option. Below mentioned are a few points to explain why Chennai is best option for property investment and housing.

  1. Safe and reliable option

  2. High Rental Yield

  3. Future development and appreciations

  4. Easily sold

  5. Options to suit your budget

  1. Safe and reliable option: Chennai with its immense facts and development can surely provide you with safe options with regards to the investment. When you compare other kinds of financial and stock market investment where the market is volatile, you would find investing in Chennai's real estate to be an ideal and perfect choice because if you are looking for a long term investment then it is surely a great choice. Although it is yet to achieve its true perfectionism in terms of livelihood, the city is great in terms of investing now especially in 2020 as the rates are comparatively low currently. Thus, investing in Chennai's real estate can undoubtedly offer you a safe monetary benefits and above all you can expect great returns on your investment down the line 5-10 years. Considering all this, it is indeed a safe and reliable option!

  2. High rental yield: As mentioned above, the city has all the positives and good sides to consider when it comes to the settlement of a family. Moreover, if you are looking for a passive income option then you will be happy to know that Chennai's rental yielding is comparatively higher and always in demand. The swift movement and relocation of the population especially in prime locations of Bangalore at properties developed by best builders of Chennai can undoubtedly bring you a fortune in a golden platter!

  3. Future development and appreciations: Chennai's economy and ambience is currently at a high growth rate which in return provides future development and high appreciations that further provides assurance on the rapid demand for properties in Chennai. Chennai as a city experiences high FDI (Foreign development Investment) and it is also expected for more FDI in future to boost the city's development, economy and real estate sector.

  4. Easily Sold: With such a great hype of everything in the city, it is a known fact that properties in Chennai are easily sold. Chennai as a city is ought to experience more development and industrialisation that could tuturn out to be a boon to the city's overall demand. Currently with the present population Chennai's home owners and Investors are on a safer side due to their previous invests which is yielding them high returns and above all, it is always favourable to buy or sell your properties in Chennai.

  5. Options to suit your Budget: The city unlike any other smart city has a varied options to choose from. Although commercial properties have an upper hand here, it is still bending towards the residential properties as the city is being more family-centric with options ranging from luxurious flats for sale in Chennai to affordable homes in Chennai.

So what are you waiting for? Make a decision today for the profitable fortune.

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