The time of the year when the days are shorter, and the nights' longer is here, the time of the year when the chilly wind howls by your window as they stroke the warmly lit balconies with festival lights is here. Knit woollen sweaters wake after a long sleep in their spot in the wardrobe after months. The time of the year that brings with it all a special festive tenor! Yes, we are talking about Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated all around the world, brings with it a bundle of joyful things: tons of celebrations, the thrill of Secret Santa, the exchange of love with the exchange of gifts, heaps of chocolates and desserts, and the happiness of family and friends coming together in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Did someone say Christmas Decoration? We know it is such an uphill to find those perfect Christmas Decoration Ideas with the internet filled with thousands of ideas that you cannot relate to, your friend's adorable picture of their decoration on Instagram, and your neighbour's enormous Christmas tree. But we have got you covered with many easy, fun to do, and chic looking Christmas decoration ideas that capture the Christmas spirit. Also, we have some DIY decorations ideas for Christmas.

Let's get creative with the most important of the Christmas tradition, the Christmas tree. Flocking, it is a process of covering a bare tree in a white synthetic powder to give the look of a snow-covered tree. You can either buy a flocked tree on a store or flock it yourself and feel the satisfaction of bringing in the snowfall, inside a house located in a tropical country. You can use flocking snow spray, flocking powder which is available online on websites like Amazon and Flipkart, or you can use cotton as snow too. While hanging the lights, jingling bells, handmade paper confetti, and the cute little decorative pieces, this year choose a theme, a colour theme like pink Christmas or a classic Christmas theme.

This year why not replace the traditional tree with a wall hanging tree, it saves space while sending out the perfect Christmas vibe, or with a ladder tree, place two wooden ladders in an inverted V position, bejewel it with little Christmas-y decorative pieces and fairy lights, also set a star on the top of the ladder tree. You can go with a wall photo Christmas tree, stick photos onto a wall in the shape of a pine tree and adorn it with fairy lights. Or are you an avid reader, do you have a collection of books? If you do why not make a book Christmas tree, arrange the book in the shape of a pine tree, and ornament them with decorative pieces and star string lights.

Candles, they can change the entire ambience with just one spark, so use them wisely. You can arrange them as a part of a beautiful tablescape, you can choose winter scented candles, and you can go with the colours of the theme you are choosing or can use the classic green, red and white colours. Candles can be placed by windowsills and corners of the house too on a wooden plank with some potpourri strewn around; these can accentuate the festive energy in the room. You can place them on candle holders that are Christmas-y like a reindeer tea light candle holder, or a wall hanging lantern candle holder.

The magic of Mason jar, mason jars can be a fantastic decorative piece; it gives you space for creativity and will turn out good no matter how bad one is at the creative work. You can always keep fairy lights in the mason jars and place them anywhere; they accentuate the tablescape. If space is a constraint, or you just want to do another small Christmas tree, how about you go mini this year. You can fill one-fourth of the jar with a flock powder, cotton, or salt and place in it mini reindeer, a mini Christmas tree and decorate it with confetti.

You can paint the mason jars and use them as candle holders, paint it like a Santa or wrap them in flannels or woollen pieces of cloth, fill chocolates and tiny gits and present it to your loved ones.

Cakes, you will not disagree if I say cake is the sweetest and the best part of Christmas. Who says food can't be a part of Christmas Decoration. Cakes and snacks are the central part of the table and the festival, why not make it appealing to look as well. Cakes can always be iced to match the chosen theme, this year go a step ahead and add edible decorative pieces on the cake, or place it in a fairy light adorned cake stand. Don't forget to use ribbons, confetti, and trinkets around.

Snacks can be themed too; you can serve them in trays adorned with elegantly tied ribbons, and tiny Christmas creatures. You can paint Pringles boxes, or wrap them in Christmas themed wrappers and place them elegantly on tables as a decorative solution and a solution to the festival snacks craving that visits you very often. You can arrange strawberries, cherries, cookies, kiwis, chopped bananas, dry fruits, wafers and chocolates in the shape of a pine tree on a large plate to make a creative and lively food centrepiece.

The DIY Christmas star, every year the Christmas Star is hung on the ceiling as it comes from the store, this year add a personal touch by adorning them with fairy lights or make one entirely on your own, using paper or cloth.

Stars do not only belong in the sky; they belong in your walls and tables too. Take five perfectly even sticks or even almost even twigs; tie them up in the shape of a star, string fairy lights around them and place them on a table, a corner or hang them from the ceilings or a wall. You can also use a hoop and string them with fairy lights and hang star string lights from them.

Fa La la la la! Hope you have fun decorating and celebrating! Merry Christmas!

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