Electromechanical generators generate electricity at a power plant driven by heat engines fuelled by nuclear fission or combustion and sometimes also by other means such as by the kinetic energy of flowing water current and wind.


But as we all know, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we all are staying at home most of the time. The fans are always running at high speed. Whether you are attending an online class or just binge-watching any show to overcome boredom, you have to keep it charged all the time through your phone or laptop. Even if you are doing work from home through a laptop, you’ve to keep your computer charged. As electricity is the only way to charge your laptops and smartphones, it means you are using a lot of electricity every day.


With all of this happening daily, you would be looking for some ways to save electricity. Read this article to know how you can save electricity during this COVID outbreak.


So you here are a few efficient, simple, and helpful ways to save electricity bill at home.


Unplug electric appliances when not in use


Keeping electrical appliances like TV cable, phone charger, etc. plugged even when not in use, but those appliances still use the electricity, which is not a good habit. By disconnecting those appliances that are not being used, an average household will realize that it is a great way to save electricity. You can use power strips in the case when you cannot go back and unplugging those idle devices, and these strips come in so handy. Moreover, they do not use electricity, so when the devices are plugged into it, they can zero consumption. You can see the difference in your electric bill after using the electric strips at home.


Do not open the refrigerator often.


Parents keep yelling to close that refrigerator door, and you should listen to them always. Every time you open the refrigerator doors to look for food, a lot of cold air is lost due to the entry of hot air from the outside, which ultimately raises the temperature of the inside. Thus to compensate for this loss in weather, the fridge consumes more energy to bring it back to the temperature set. So, not opening the doors of the refrigerator is a sure way of saving energy at home. You can also keep the temperature moderate so that it consumes less power. This could save a lot of electricity bills.


Warm Ventilation!


The best way to conserve electricity during the hot summer is to open those windows and allow some fresh air. In this way, you can give your air conditioner some, and keeping the air conditioner off also helps the environment. The air conditioners release hot air outside, which gradually increases global warming, so by keeping it off, you minimize this. Even during the winters, draw open those curtains and let the sunlight enter your room. It would heat your rooms naturally and make it more warm and cozy. With this simple way you can save electricity, you can make a drastic saving in your monthly electricity bill with just keeping your windows open.


Switch off lights when not in use


Most of us spent our time working at home, whether studying for exams, completing the assignments to submit before time, or by reading that final chapter of that thrilling novel, most of the day is spent in studies. You must be thinking, what is a possible way to save electricity here? Let’s find out. Use table lamps instead of ceiling lights or any other indoor lights. Use only what you require; using more than your need would increase your monthly electricity bill. Moreover, keep the lights and fans off when you don’t need them, or you are out. By doing this, you can save a lot of electricity.


Use OLED bulbs


Most of the houses use LED bulbs but do you know that OLED bulbs are more power-efficient than normal ceiling light and LED bulbs? LED bulbs are not only power effective, but it could work more than a LED bulb. It means that a single OLED bulb can save your electricity bill for a much more extended period than LED bulbs. Using OLED bulbs help to reduce energy consumption. Also, AMOLED bulbs are out in the market now, so that you can use that too. According to a survey, AMOLED bulbs do not harm your eyes, which is why it is also used in TV and laptop screens. By using these kinds of bulbs, you can save 20-30% of our electricity bill.


Use Solar Panels


You can generate electricity for your homes by using solar panels. It is a small investment, and you can use a solar panel for a long time. The solar panel is charged at the day time when the sun is out and can be used later. You can store the solar energy in batteries and use those batteries to light up your house. If not, then you can switch to renewable energy-producing ways to conserve electricity consumption like solar lights. Solar lights are charged through the sun rays, so you don’t need any electricity to set it.


Use Smart Switches


Install smart switches in your house, which can be controlled with your smartphones. It is a smart way to save electricity; also, these intelligent switches are efficient. You don’t have to rush back to your house to switch off the light or fan, just a simple tap on your phone can do it for you.


Electricity is produced at the power station with coal, oil, and natural gas, and as these are non-renewable resources which means electricity is also not renewable. But there are several renewable ways to generate electricity, but saving is resource is essential, and it is the responsibility of everyone to save it.

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